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A woman and four children standing together in a living room

Support the
People of Artsakh

Armenian people are resilient- but those forcibly displaced from Artsakh need continued support. We are on a mission to help children, refugees, and their supporters by:

  • Promoting child protection and family stabilization 

  • Providing humanitarian, healthcare and psychological support

  • Fostering reskilling, business and farming development

  • Enhancing the capacity of key government agency employees 

Help us honor the past, empower the present, and ensure the future for Armenians. 

Young boy drinking from cup, seated at table with other children

FAR is one of the most powerful forces of change for vulnerable children.

Teenage supporters wearing FAR shirts with Armenian flag

We are promoting a stronger generation and a better future for all.

Donation Form
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# 630, Երկրորդ պողոտա,

Նյու-Յորք, 10016, ԱՄՆ

Հեռախոս ` +1 (212) 889-5150

Ֆաքս ` +1 (212) 889-4849


Երեւան 0010, Խորենացու փողոց, 22


Հեռախոս ` +374 (60) 52 66 60

Էլ. փոստ `

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