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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty (BCPP)

Since 2013, the multi-faceted and comprehensive BCPP has promoted activities that generate positive and sustainable impact for families in the Berd Region of Tavush Province, one of Armenia’s poorest areas. 


As FAR’s most expansive project, BCPP aims to reduce the impact of poverty in Berd through a holistic approach that engages the local community and bolsters their capacity to address poverty at its roots and transform their region. 


BCPP helps to strengthen overall economic activity, infrastructure, healthcare and education in myriad ways, including by: 


  • Promoting alternative and sustainable agriculture to revitalize land and maximize crop production

  • Engaging residents in business training and management courses so they can launch or grow small enterprises 

  • Improving education and access to education through resource development, including school reconstruction and refurbishment, and scholarships

  • Helping kindergartens to provide free and nutritious meals as part of a balanced food initiative

  • Encouraging children and youth to enhance their creativity and nurture their social skills through extracurricular groups and courses

  • Educating local families and medical staff through public health campaigns

  • Providing support to families in crisis through the Mardigian Child Protection Center

  • Upgrading infrastructure to enable greater access to potable water

“FAR’s support ignited my interest in developing my farming skills, and I started to grow greens in rotation. This greenhouse is my retirement plan.”

—Arev Nesisyan, greenhouse owner and developer and BCPP beneficiary 

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