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206 Beneficiaries Receive Financial Stipends

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

In early October, FAR was proud to send its own Margarit Piliposyan along with CASP Program Coordinator Eduard Karapetyan to visit the Syunik region of Armenia. There, Margarit and Eduard distributed the 100 USD stipends to the 206 beneficiaries of this year’s CASP program. During the visit, Margarit and Eduard were happy to meet with many of the beneficiaries and their guardians. The 50 beneficiaries who were fortunate enough to take part in the “Siranush” summer camp expressed special thanks to CASP and FAR for their financial support. Margarit and Eduard also visited some beneficiaries in their homes in Meghri.

Through CASP (Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program), FAR is able to positively impact the lives of some of the most destitute children in Armenia. However, there are still children that apply for CASP funding but remain unsupported due to lack of contributions. Since the distribution to each child is only 100 USD, a little help can go a long way. Please contact FAR if you are interested in sponsoring a child.


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