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A Carrie Nahabedian Recipe.

Straight from the kitchen of NAHA, a Chicago favorite. Yum.

We featured Chef Carrie’s story in the Jan-Feb 2011 issue. She is an unconventional chef that was part of the team to open the first casino in Atlantic City – she wasn’t even old enough to gamble at the time. “I remember I was not even old enough to gamble in the casino, but of course we did anyway; there was nothing else to do. Atlantic City is a lot different in winter than in summer we soon found out” explained Chef Carrie. She is a James Beard Award recipient and owns one of the best restaurants in Chicago. Gourmet Magazine had this to say about her and her restaurant, NAHA, “NAHA is solidly installed on the city’s restaurant A-List. It is likely to stay there as long as it continues to serve Carrie Nahabedian’s sophisticated comfort food.”


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