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A Literary Conversation Among Generations – A Guide to Armenian-American Literature.

“This is a list of Armenian-American titles I would recommend to my children as they grow older — to any Armenian for that matter, both young and old.”

- Michael Bobelian

Every night, my four-year-old daughter chooses a book and we lie down side by side for a bedtime story. Her selections vary from picture-intensive board books to drawn-out storylines. After I finish reading, she tries to repeat the story from memory, leaving out some details, and inserting new ones as she mimics the act of reading. Some of what we read rubs off into her everyday life with consecutive days of Dr. Seuss leading her to speak in rhymes. What started as an attempt to instill a routine to her evening has morphed into a bonding ritual that is my favorite part of the day. In time, I plan to add my newborn son to the daily custom in the hope that both children will grow up to adore books as I do.


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