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“A Translucent Day” by Hrant Matevosyan.

A recent piece in Ararat Magazine focuses on “Translucent Day,” another great work of famed writer Hrant Matevosian and a nostalgic representation of the historic past and the concept of the "Armenian Dream."

Hrant Matevosyan (1935-2002) truly deserves to be described as one of the outstanding writers of Soviet Armenia. Best known for Menk enq, mer sarere [We and Our Mountains], and Ashnan Arev [Autumn Sun], both of which became feature films, Matevosyan created works that combined ironic sentimentality, a humorously critical yet affectionate representation of Soviet Armenian society, an exploration of individual fates and emotions, and an endless fascination with what it meant to be an Armenian. Matevosyan’s unique prose style, his representation of topics that teetered on the edge of the forbidden, and the honesty of his portrayal of life in Armenia set him apart from his contemporary writers, and certain phrases from the cinematic adaptations of his works have become permanent fixtures of Armenian folklore.


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