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After 28 Years, We Say Goodbye to a Dear Colleague

After more than 28 years, Noune Sukiasian, FAR New York’s beloved office manager, has decided to retire and spend more time with her family.

For nearly three decades Noune has been an integral part of FAR’s story and a true force in its development. She joined FAR in its nascent first days when we were an initiative born from disaster and crisis in our homeland to today when FAR has become a major player in Armenia’s development doing God’s work, and still empowering thousands of lives.

Noune has been such an important part of our achievements. In essence, she is synonymous with FAR’s mission and vision. While officially FAR’s “office manager,” Noune’s work surpassed her title. She has not only made the FAR New York office run smoothly but she has taken on the roles of managing finance and operations, among other things. Her unambiguous sense of duty and commitment, her ability to take ownership of multiple responsibilities led her to go well above and beyond her job description. So much so in fact, that we have had to hire not one but two competent people to replace her.

She has done all of this with incredible grace. Many thousands of people who have known or worked with Noune, or who have even merely had the pleasure of conversing with her, appreciate her for her amazing warmth, kindness, and sense of humor, her empathy and consideration, and ultimately her humanity.

Noune represents the best of FAR and she remains an inspiration for a standard of excellence to which we should all aspire.

We wish her the very best as she embarks on this new and exciting step in life. And while we know that FAR will never be the same without her, Noune will forever be a part of FAR and of the FAR family.

She will be dearly, dearly missed.

On behalf of the FAR Board of Directors, we express our deep gratitude to Noune and our most heartfelt and genuine best wishes for her retirement and future.

Bishop Daniel Findikyan Primate and President of FAR Randy Sapah-Gulian Chairman of the FAR Board of Directors


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