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Amalya shines light on #WomenInTech: Exclusive interview with Cheddar

We are thrilled to share that our very own Amalya Yeghoyan recently participated in an interview with one of America's leading live streaming financial news networks, Cheddar TV.

During this insightful conversation, Amalya underscored FAR's and Gyumri Information Technology Center's shared mission of harnessing technology education to uplift the standard of living for the younger generation, especially displaced Artsakh women in Armenia. She emphasized Armenia's abundant resources, robust infrastructure, and, most importantly, its talented workforce, poised to embrace international investment in technology.

On March 15th, Amalya Yeghoyan delivered a compelling speech at the United Nations sixty-eighth session, addressing "The Role of Technology in Empowering Women Financially." In her address, she spotlighted GITC's pivotal role in empowering women in high-tech fields and advocating for positive societal transformations.

"GITC is truly a lifeline to many of these women and families in the face of an uncertain future. Learning coding, technology, business, and entrepreneurial skills through GITC can change the tide of poverty, inequality, and violence that threatens Armenian girls and women and empower them to make a positive impact on their lives, their families, and their communities," she passionately articulated during her speech.

Watch the interview and learn more about how GITC and FAR are making an impact on #WomenInTech, and stay tuned for more empowering #FARWomenInFocus stories.


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