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And Now For Something Completely Different - Soccer.

While the entire world has its eyes on South Africa for the next few weeks, we here at FAR have been wasting intelligently redistributing our available time to exchange a vast amount of e/mails to accurately predict the outcome of the World Cup.

We do have not only a huge interest in the sport itself but our unsurprisingly international staff is surprisingly non-nationalistic in their predictions. Which makes soccer a lot of fun to talk about. Well, Armenia not being a candidate for the finals this year does help.

We thought, after all this Eurovision frenzy (remember?), we should give soccer (also known as football in some remote areas of the world) a shot (pun intended). So we can exchange all these e/mails during regular office hours and call it work. We also invited our Executive Director to this "table" so he can't complain later.

So let's get started and chime in with our feelings about this year's World Cup and what soccer (or football) means to us. On Monday we will begin our little timely feature with Hambartsum, our Director of FAR's Continuing Medical Education program.

I sure hope there will be no argument for playing soccer as a healthy alternative to watching it on TV.


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