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And Now For Something Completely Different – Soccer III.

Well, I might have to throw one of those “I told you so” comments in here. As a Manchester United fan, Bagrat Sargsyan (also FAR's Country Director in Armenia) was hoping for a win from England in Sunday’s game against Germany. He has been following the Premier League team for 15 years but the English stars, including the usually-aggressive Wayne Rooney, looked pretty lame, for lack of a better term, this World Cup. The US even came out above them in the group stage. Poor England never even had a shot in Sunday’s game.

I consider Germany another safe bet this year. They delivered the first massive upset in the Cup with a 4-0 win over Australia as top teams like France and Italy were looking weak. Even with their impressive record, I hate admitting this. I can still remember the 2002 World Cup when Germany defeated the US on an unfair call. I can’t stand that the German team who took a victory from my US men may have a shot at winning this one (no offense to the potential Germany fans working for FAR). With this said, I still stand by my call that Argentina will win, but Germany might come close.

I do agree with Bagrat on one point, though. Those vuvuzelas are “killing,” as he says.


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