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Ani the Brave

The violin isn't merely an instrument for Ani; it's the key to unlocking her passion and the cornerstone of her family's well-being. Ani was born with cleft palate and was always shy to talk to people. Violin became her solace and a way to express words. She was 4 when she started traveling 60 kilometers every day, regardless of the season, from her village of Little Sariar to the heart of Gyumri - the Octet music school.

"I cannot imagine my life without the violin," Ani reflects, highlighting the profound influence music has had on her existence. For her, music transcended words, offering a means to communicate with the world, even during times when life presented its challenges, making social interactions arduous.

An unexpected twist of fate came when Ani crossed paths with FAR friends and compassionate benefactors, Shoghag and Raffy Hovanessian. This serendipitous meeting occurred during Shoghag's chance visit to the music school. Little did Ani anticipate that this encounter would forever alter the course of her life.

Shoghag Hovanessian teamed up with Edna Galo--another steadfast champion of FAR and longstanding advocate for Octet Music School students whose dedication goes beyond supporting studies and concert tours, made it their joint mission to provide the vital financial backing for Ani's crucial surgery, a procedure that promised to address her health issues. These ailments not only hindered her ability to speak but also eroded her confidence to participate in society. Subsequently, Shoghag and Edna extended their support by sponsoring Ani's academic pursuits, granting her a scholarship to study at the Gyumri branch of the Yerevan State Conservatory.

Today, at 26 years of age, Ani is a proud member of the Gyumri Philharmonic Orchestra. She's not only creating beautiful music but also raising her two boys, Garik (6) and Gor Galstyan (4).

“I affectionately call Shoghag my mom, my second mother. Without her in my life, I would have been forever trapped in the 'solitude of silence,'" she proudly affirmed.

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