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Another Successful FAR YP Tour

FAR’s YP Trip to Armenia is designed to give young Armenian-Americans a chance to visit their ethnic roots, while meeting other young people from across the country and learning about FAR’s work in Armenia. During this year’s 10 day trip, the group visited the northern and southern regions of Armenia, and even met Vehapar, then Catholicos of All Armenians.

The trip takes place thanks to FAR Programs Director Arto Vorperian, who coordinated this year’s 14th annual YP trip to Armenia. Following each YP tour, most participants have a better understanding of their national identity, and become closer to their country and churches. To these visitors, Armenia is transformed from a city seen on a map into a vibrant locale. Over the years, FAR’s YP trip has provided 250 young people with the opportunity to visit Armenia, to strengthening their national consciousness and to warmly embrace their homeland.


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