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ANSEF Grantee Awarded With Presidential Prize.

Last month, Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF)  grantees were recognized during the award ceremony for this year’s Presidential Prize, which was held at the residence of the Armenian President Serj Sargsyan. The Presidential Prize is given to scientists and artists for their work and contribution to culture, science and art of Armenia.

During his speech, President Sargsyan emphasized that he delighted in each of the grantees scientific and creative achievements. “Thanks to each of your efforts we are further developing as an independent nation. We are becoming better step by step, day by day.”

ANSEF honorees always make FAR proud through their achievements. This year, Argam Ayvazyan was among those scientists who received the Presidential Award for his achievements in the humanities. After receiving a 2010 ANSEF grant, he finished the third volume of his multi-volume series The Lithographic Inheritance of Nakhijevan. The award was for all three of the primary volumes.

“This award is very important for me as it puts more value on my painstaking work, which is the result of long years of scientific research,” Argam said. “All in all, a person undoubtedly is satisfied when the outcomes of his hard work are recognized. It was indescribable when the President gave me the prize.”

The President also awards youth in the spheres of fine art, cinema, literature and classical music. We congratulate all winners and wish them the best on their future endeavors.


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