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Antonella Monzoni – Armenian Wound.

“I traveled the whole country, walked around, met people who were willing to share their stories. I soon found out that everybody there, even youngsters, are open and willing to share with you the deepest wound of their people, which was inflicted some 95 years ago, and this is because their parents, their grandparents, even their great-grandparents spent their lives telling them about it, among the family, which is the one of the most engrained and alive Armenian aspects.”

- Antonella Monzoni, in her discussion of her work “Armenian Wound”

Via Leica blog

This is the second part of Antonella Monzoni’s interview, where she opens up about her love for Armenia, the Caucasus Country with a dramatic history and vital people, and how she decided to portray them. You can read the first part of our interview with Antonella about her work here on the Leica blog.

Q: What drove your interest to Armenia and made you decide to go there with your camera? In general, how do you chose yoursubjects? For example, on your website there are pictures of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ukraine, Burma and of subjects much closer to you, geographically speaking, like the Abbey of Sant’Antimo. What’s the common thread of all of your photographic research?

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