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Artist Appeals to Create Marco Grigorian Museum.

Iranian-Armenian painter Janet Lazarian recently appealed to establish a museum in memory of Iranian-Armenian artist Marco Grigorian.

Recognized as the pioneer of Iranian modern art, Marco Grigorian had donated 5,000 of his artistic creations to Armenia's government. Currently, his work is kept at the Museum of Literature in Yerevan and some pieces are now on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Kerman.

It would be wonderful to also see them in Yerevan.

Grigorian, who was born in 1925 and is recognized as the pioneer of Iranian modern art, died from a heart attack at his home in Armenia in 2007.

His works are currently being kept at the Museum of Literature which is now part of the Middle East Museum in Yerevan.

“Grigorian took his collection of artworks to Armenia almost 20 years ago and displayed them at the Museum of Literature,” Lazarian told the Persian service of ISNA on Wednesday.


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