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Ayo! Helps to Support 1,300 Armenian Families in COVID-19 Emergency

Since the launch of its COVID-19 Emergency Campaign one month ago, the Fund for Armenian Relief’s crowd-funding initiative Ayo! has raised nearly $55,000, and has assisted 1,300 families in Armenia who are experiencing financial hardship.

The relief includes a recent matching campaign that raised nearly $15,000, generously made possible by supporters Nigoghos and Roset Atinizian, the Mardigian Family Foundation, and the Knights of Vartan, who matched the amount donated over the course of one week. This followed a successful matching campaign in April, generously supported by Carl and Linda Bazarian.

Ayo! is currently working with the Armenian government and various NGOs to reach thousands of people who have been affected due to job and income losses as a result of Armenia’s shelter-in-place mandate. The aid has provided staple food and other items to families like the one pictured here, from Armenia’s Tavush region.

The campaign will continue as long is there is need due to the pandemic. It is also another way that FAR is contributing to the effort of Armenia’s government, the Armenian Church, non-profits and local businesses, to ameliorate the urgent need.


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