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Read More About Ayo!'s Latest Project in The Armenian Weekly

We recently shared the news about the launch of Ayo!’s latest project, Kond that was, Kond to be. The Armenian Weekly just published an article on the project, which focuses on local artist Sergey Navasardyan’s effort to revive the culturally rich neighborhood of Kond through his #YerevanTropics initiative.

“Nestled on a narrow hill overlooking the city center is the medieval neighborhood of Kond. In fact, ‘Kond’ in archaic Armenian means ‘hill.’ With its street layout remaining virtually intact since it was rebuilt following a 17th-century earthquake, Kond’s winding narrow alleys and aging stone houses maintain the impression of a place whose distinct Armenian character survived empires and urban planners in a brazen act of defiance,” writes Raffi Elliot.

Kond that was, Kond to be intended to support #YerevanTropics by raising money for painting supplies, as well as funding for room and board for two international street artists who will be chosen to partner up with Navasardyan to design murals in Kond.

Read the full article here.


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