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Beauty of the Syunik Region

The Syunik region of Armenia is situated in the remote Southern corner of the country, about 400 km from Yerevan. Meghri, a town in Syunik, is adjacent to the Armenian- Iranian border. CASP recently expanded its reach into this remote town to provide support to the families of 25 parentless children.

Syunik is best known for its abundant mountains and rich forests, where one can find attractions such as Tatev Monastery (IX century), Kndzoresk caves, and the Shaki waterfall. However the most notable feature of this region, obvious everywhere, is the abundant luxury of the nature contrasted with the misery and poverty of people inhabiting it.

During the Soviet Union, large mining and quarrying enterprises worked in this region, providing jobs for thousands of people. Today, most of these enterprises are gone, and many natives have migrated out of the region. Those still living in Syunik continue to hope for brighter days ahead. Through various programs such as CASP, FAR is making every effort to improve the lives of Syunik inhabitants.


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