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Beneficiaries Take Part in Genocide Commemoration.

This month Armenians throughout the world have come together to commemorate the horrors of the 1915 genocide orchestrated by the Ottoman Empire, paying tribute to those who suffered and perished as a result of this massacre.

Events dedicated to the Medz Yeghern began in Yerevan on April 23, with a candlelight procession organized by the students and youth. This year the procession began at the French Square in downtown Yerevan to Tsitsernakaberd, the Armenian Genocide Memorial. Beneficiaries of FAR’s educational programs joined the thousands of young people, holding candles that embodied the spirit of the Armenian nation, uttering words like “Recognition” and “Compensation.”

The following day, April 24, thousands of Armenians in huge streams, young and old alike, headed to the Medz Yeghern Memorial to commemorate the victims. Their actions are vivid proof that Armenia’s collective memory does not fade. Our struggle will continue until there is justice.

FAR Educational Programs' Students

During the Candlelight Procession to Tsitsernakaberd


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