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Beneficiary Portraits - Eduard Bayramyan

Before graduating from secondary school in Dilijan, Eduard Bayramyan had already decided to become a physician. His father and eldest brother were pharmacists and his uncle was a doctor. In 1998, Eduard applied to the Yerevan State Medical University. By 2007, he had completed his residency in General Surgery.

However, Eduard was not satisfied with only one specialization, so he decided to study oncology as well. Therefore, he had to continue to finance his education and somehow pay the hefty tuition. During a trip to the Dean’s Office, Eduard learned about FAR’s CME Program scholarship, and immediately applied. He was accepted to the program, and signed a contract stating that he would return to his native town as a practicing physician after graduation.

The decision to return to his hometown became firm when in August 2009, he participated in an internship in the local hospital and got acquainted with his future colleagues as well as the medical conditions of people living in the surrounding areas. As a result, Eduard discovered that there was much work to be done, especially since the hospital was lacking an oncology specialist. Eduard enjoyed working in the Dilijan hospital and especially enjoyed working with the hospital’s head doctor and FAR CME Program member Sahak Mkrtumyan. During his one-month stay, Eduard managed to participate in several surgical procedures.

Eduard has always had great respect for the regional physicians, and greatly appreciates their professional flexibility. “In the regions, often times you work alone. Very often you have to make your own decisions related to a patient’s health,” explained Eduard. In Spring 2010, Eduard Bayramyan will complete his residency at Yerevan State Medical University and return to Dilijan to practice medicine. Eduard looks forward to his return as much as the personnel of the hospital in his native town.


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