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Beneficiary Potraits - Araz Pirumyan

Sometimes, FAR beneficiaries are able to take advantage of more than one of our programs. Araz Pirumyan is a student at the Hovhannes Hintliyan school which is operated by FAR and funded by CARS (Constantinople Armenian Relief Society). Araz is thirteen years old, and a particularly bright ninth grader. He began school when he was five, and though he is from a family of modest means (his father became handicapped during the Nagorno-Karabagh war), his family has always prioritized the children's education. Araz's three sisters also attended Hovhannes Hintliyan and then continued to pursue higher education at various institutions.

Unfortunately, Araz recently discovered that he had a disorder of the lower and upper jaw (known as Prognathism). The Pirumyan family lacked the financial means to cure Araz's illness. However, CARS and FAR were able to provide the family with some support. CARS paid for the family to travel to Yerevan and also covered the X-ray expenses. FAR Health Program Coordinator Hambardzum Simonyan arranged appointments for Araz to see the appropriate medical specialists, and these physicians will provide the assistance needed to treat Araz's condition. We are happy to report that Araz Pirumyan will receive health care in time to avoid further complications from the illness, and he will be back in school in no time!


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