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Beneficiary Potraits - John Thomas Gift Distribution Beneficiary - Suren Grigoryan

During a recent distribution of Christmas gifts to children in the Shamshadin region (please see January 5th story), the FAR staff had a chance to visit the homes of two of the beneficiaries, both living in the Tavush region, situated close to the Azeri border. The conditions in these children’s homes was quite poor. Today, we will highlight Suren Grigoryan, and tomorrow, we will post a story on another beneficiary, Sevan Poghosyan.

Suren Grigoryan is nine years old, and he lives with his mother and grandparents. He attends school, and is in the fifth grade. When he is not in school, he enjoys drawing and singing. He relies on his grandmother to teach him Armenian folk songs. The family makes ends meet by raising a cow for milk and tending to a small plot of land upon which they grow vegetables for their own consumption.

Suren’s grandparents are retired, and their small pension is the main source of income for the family. Despite his young age, Suren helps the family: he works on the plot and tends to the cow. Of course, Suren does these tasks while maintaining his studies. Suren was two when his father passed away. He does not remember his father, but he maintains a loving idea of him and keeps his father’s photo on his desk. Suren dreams of becoming a soldier in the Armenian Army, defending our nation’s borders.


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