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Berberian Beneficiary Profile – Anna Tovmasyan.

Anna Tovmasyan from Nor Ughi in the Ararat region has been a Berberian scholar since 2006. In 2010, she graduated from Yerevan State University’s (YSU) Chemistry Department with honors. After learning about her desire to continue her education, scholarship benefactor Antranig Berberian decided to continue assisting Anna with her education. She moved on to a residency at The National Institute of Health, which she will complete in June. Anna also works as a pharmacist in Natali Farm Ltd., and she has received an offer to work at Arpi Med pharmaceutical company upon graduation.

During her years of study at YSU, Anna actively participated in scientific and academic events, conferences and seminars, and presented her own reports and speeches. The results of her work “Asymmetric Synthesis of Heterocyclic Substituted” were published in 2010, in the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia's Chemical Journal of Armenia issue # 62.

During our meeting, Anna mentioned that this was her first published work. Because it was successful, she intends to continue her research in the future. “I hope to prepare medicine that will help cure people, especially of the most common illnesses. I aim to research such medication that will provide more effective treatment,” she said.

To improve her professional knowledge, Anna has also participated in various international seminars and conferences, like the 90th Anniversary Congress at the Yerevan State Medical University on Pharmacology held last October, and the Prime Introductory Palliative Medicine and Care Course held last November by the Armenian Christian Medical Association-ACMA.

As for her other hobbies, Anna replied, “I read as much as possible and try not to miss any news on scientific developments worldwide. I also follow all news on pharmacology innovations and updates on new medicines.” She also loves spending time with her friends.

FAR with the help of its numerous benefactors, provides young, intelligent people an opportunity to complete a higher education in their preferred fields. As a result, they become strong professionals for our country, just like Anna.

The A. Berberian Scholarship Program was started in 2005. Currently, six students from low-income families receive support from the scholarship to pursue studies at universities in and around Yerevan.


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