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Bishop Daniel Visits FAR’s Parakar School and Children’s Center

During a visit to Armenia last month, Bishop Daniel spent a day visiting two very special project sites of the Fund for Armenian Relief. As Diocesan Primate, he also serves as President of FAR’s Board of Directors.

First he visited the Parakar School for Children with Disabilities, which is in the midst of a five-year renovation program thanks to the generous support of FAR supporters James and Marta Batmasian. The school, whose previous conditions were hazardous, now has a renovated vocational training center, physical therapy room, gym, and dormitory.

Bishop Daniel toured the warm, colorful new dormitory, where 55 children currently board. The school serves about 200 students both with and without disabilities. Bishop Daniel blessed the children as he entered the classrooms and reminded them to focus on their studies. Onlookers were touched when 16-year-old Arpine ran to hug the bishop and kiss the cross when he blessed the students.

In the tailoring classroom, Bishop Daniel was shown a lovely vest and shirt made by Hermine and Lilit, two 18-year-old students who started studying textiles a few months ago, and hope to work in fashion design. The Primate also met students studying auto mechanics, horticulture, and hairdressing.

Later that day, Bishop Daniel visited the FAR Children’s Center, for children who have escaped abuse, neglect, and vulnerable circumstances. He spoke with children about their schoolwork and their achievements in activities like sports, music, and cooking.

“I feel very pleased and happy to see your care and love towards these kids,” Bishop Daniel told the Children’s Center staff. “FAR’s connection to the church is very essential. The Bible teaches that our duty is to care for others in need—and FAR undertakes this mission to help these beautiful children, and people all over our homeland.”

“Wherever I go in America,” he added, “I’m so proud to tell people that our Diocese is doing this blessed work through the Fund for Armenian Relief.”


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