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Braving obstacles to be a better doctor.

Doctors from the farthest reaches of Armenina gathered in Yerevan for a Continuing Medical Education (CME) workshop workshop last week. Among them was Dr. Narine Tumanyan from Ijevan, who climbed 300 meters up a mountain and through forest just to reach the road to Yerevan, which then turned out to be partially destroyed. Nevertheless, she made it to the conference — a true testament to her dedication.

During the workshop, specialists from Yerevan State Medical University clinical departments and FAR FAA medical leaders Dr. Gevorg Yaghdjyan and Dr. Bella Grigoryan presented on developing methodologies and approaches to Obstetrics-Gynecology.

CME gives Armenian doctors from provincial areas the opportunity to refresh their medical training free of cost through an intensive month-long program with leading doctors in Yerevan. Training continues long past that initial period, however, and workshops like these are held continually throughout the year.


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