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Bringing a bite of Artsakh to Masis

In a small and inviting bakery, nestled in the heart of Masis city in the Ararat Province, two sisters named Alina and Aghavni fill the air with the delicious aroma of "jengyalov hats," captivating the passers-by. While Aghavni skillfully kneads and lifts the fluffy dough, Alina swiftly places it onto the sizzling baking oven, which was purchased by FAR through the Small Business Assistance program (SBA). After two minutes, the dough swells beautifully, prompting Alina to deftly turn it over with tongs and bake it for an additional minute. As she takes the final piece from the oven, a cheer erupts: "The last one for the lunch order, but there will be more to come today!" "We started this business venture two years ago. Within a short span, we already garnered a loyal clientele who would regularly order jengyalov hats for lunch and special occasions. Our bakery is the sole provider of "jengyalov hats" in Masis, and the locals adore it," remarked Alina, who settled in Ranchpar village of the Masis region after the 44-day Artsakh war in 2020, leaving behind her home, orchards, and four established stores that she had diligently managed for over three decades. Alina, having lost her husband during the first Artsakh war in the 1990s, single-handedly raised her three children. Presently, she resides in Ranchpar with her mother and Aghavni's family. Both sisters previously resided in Hadrut before the war, and due to the blockade, they have lost contact with their relatives. "My son serves in the army in Stepanakert, and I haven't seen him or my grandchildren for over six months now," lamented Alina and went on: "Living apart from your family is challenging, and establishing a business from scratch is even more arduous, but with FAR's assistance, we are gradually finding our footing." The Small Business Assistance (SBA) program, funded and initiated by the Atesian Family Foundation, is a dynamic initiative devoted to empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners. SBA equips individuals with the necessary tools and start-up capital to launch and expand entrepreneurship and self-employment among conflict-affected, displaced, and rural populations in Armenia. FAR remains committed to supporting businesses like theirs through the SBA and Support for Artsakh's Displaced projects. You too can become a part of this emergency endeavor by making a donation to FAR today!


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