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CASP Beneficiary Katya Galstyan.

Katya Galstyan lives with her grandmother and uncle’s family in Javakhk’s Khospio village. She is 13 years old, and attends high school. In 2001, Katya’s family left for Russia, in order to find work there. Unfortunately, her father died in 2003, forcing her mother to return back to Javakhk with her two infant daughters. A year later, Katya’s mother left again for Russia, seeking medical care for Katya’s sister, who suffers from a severe disease affecting her limbs.

Katya has not seen her mother in five years. Her mother is unable to return to Javakhk due to the Russia-Georgia conflict, and therefore works in Russia hardly making a living. Sometimes, she sends money for Katya. Katya’s uncle and his wife are unemployed, and her grandmother receives a monthly pension of $45. The family makes a living by growing potatoes.

Katya is a good student, and loves to dance. The family cannot afford to send her to Akhalkalak to take dance classes so she stages dances at home and performs for her family. Katya has not yet decided what she wants to become when grows up. Her only dream is to grow up, work, make money and bring her mom back home. CASP and FAR work to make life for adolescents like Katya a little easier.


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