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CASP To Bring Support To The Tavush Region.

Starting this spring, the Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP)  will provide stipends to children in the Tavush region, which borders Azerbaijan. Overall, living conditions in this region are substandard and need for assistance is great. FAR staff’s recent meeting with the 49 new beneficiaries took place last week in St. Astvatsadzin Church. Along with monetary support, children were provided with stationary and other school supplies.

Father Aram Mirzoyan, spiritual father of Berd region, addressed CASP beneficiaries, “May God bless the people who lend a helping hand to others, those in need, even though they are thousands of kilometers away from us, they still try to ease the difficulties in our lives. We will pray for those who are struggling. We will pray to God to help them and give them even more strength. This support will allow us to build a peaceful future.”


I think even just a little help brings hope to people. It warms their hearts, and when you look at the children’s happy faces, then one can only have hope that a kind attitude and generosity can change people’s fates.


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