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Children’s Centers Celebrate Christmas

The holidays were a real celebration of joy and happiness for children at the FAR Children’s Center in Yerevan and the Mardigian Child Protection Center in Berd.

FAR Children’s Center beneficiaries were visited by members of the U.S. Marines Security Guard Detachment from the American Embassy. The kids prepared a wonderful performance for their guests and the guards presented the children with gifts after the play.

Commander Robert Marin, 27, welcomed the kids and shared an inspirational speech. “As Marines, we are given the opportunity to make the world a better place. So, here is what I want to say: sometimes you can’t control what’s happening to you, guys, but you have the power to decide how to react to it. Hope helps us to overcome any difficult situation,” he said.

At Mardigian Child Protection Center about 100 children spent a festive day with Santa Claus and — according to Russian tradition — Santa’s granddaughter Snegurochka. They sang, danced, played games, and enjoyed a very warm and joyful celebration overall.

For the fourth year in a row, the children also decided to share their joy with soldiers during a visit to Berd’s military hospital. Children also visited FAR’s Berd Soup Kitchen where they engaged elderly beneficiaries in conversation and song.

“No matter how difficult our life is, or how many hardships we face, when we see the young generation accept our advice we feel valued,” said soup kitchen beneficiary Maya Mangasaryan, 67.


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