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Children Benefit from School Renovation

In January, the Verin Tsaghkavan Village School in Armenia’s TavushProvince celebrated the opening of its newly renovated and refurbished technology classroom, made possible by BCPP.

The new technology room will enable Verin Tsaghkavan’s 31 middle school students to learn woodcarving and sewing skills as part of the school’s vocational training program.

“Thank you to FAR and its donors for this significant investment that you have made in the people of our village. You have brought a ray of light here after all of those long, horrible days of 2020. My sincere congratulations to our school children for this valuable gift. It was, indeed, a dream for us that came true,” said school Principal Nelli Rashoyan during her speech at the induction ceremony. She also added that the school may now help to establish a separate small garment production enterprise to boost the local economy.

“More than 20 schools in Tavush have been equipped with much-needed materials and facilities that have helped to significantly improve the process of teaching and learning in recent years, and have modernized the school environment,” said FAR ANSEF & Educational Programs Director Edik Karapetyan. “Day by day, schoolchildren from border communities are being provided with opportunities to learn, do physical activities, and engage in creative work, thus broadening their horizons. This is one of the important goals FAR aims to achieve.”

BCPP was launched in 2013 thanks to one of our most loyal and transformative donors, The Mardigian Family Foundation. BCPP has already helped to renovate the technology classrooms of more than 20 schools in the Tavush Region.


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