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Children’s Center Staff Recognized as Pioneers in the Social Work Field.

Executive Director of FAR’s Children’s Support Foundation Center (CSFC) Doctor Mira Antonyan and Deputy Director Ramona Ktakyan were recently recognized by the Armenian Minister of Labor and Social Issues for their contributions to the field of social work in Armenia. Both women were called pioneers in the profession and received awards and acknowledgement for their work.

“This recognition has brought me tremendous encouragement. I’m deeply touched that this great honor has been given to me, although I’m sure there are many other specialists who are equally deserving of it,” Mira said. “This inspires me even more to promote the social wellbeing of individuals, groups and communities, especially children.”

“It was a pleasant surprise for me to receive this acknowledgement and there are many other professionals in the field who also deserve such recognition,” Ramona said.

The awards were presented on March 15, also known as World Social Work Day, following a round table discussion on integrated social services with the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues and Yerevan State University.

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