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Dedicated to the Children of Artsakh

For the past seven years, Dr. Anahit Petrosyan has conducted bioanalysis atArevik Medical Center for Children in Artsakh. This year she participated in our Continuing Medical Education (CME) program for the first time.

A native of Stepanakert, Anahit wants to dedicate her life and work to the people of Artsakh. Following the 2020 war, she said she heard about manycases of children from remote regions who were not able to get medical help due to either the lack of medical personnel in their area or properequipment. This motivated her to further enhance her skills.

Through CME, she was able to spend a month honing her skills inhematology and biochemistry by studying clinical cases at Muratsan Hospital Complex in Yerevan.

“This was my first CME training with FAR and it more than met my expectations,” said Dr. Petrosyan, who helps to conduct analysis for doctors who clinically treat children and youth in Stepanakert and in other regions.“I am in love with my profession and I enjoy my work. As specialists, wehave to do our best to care for the children and their parents.”


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