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Digital Library of Armenian Literature.

The new website for the library of the digital library of Armenia was officially launched.

YEREVAN, January 26, 2011, AUA “Manoogian” hall: the new website of the American University of Armenia Digital Library of Armenian Literature (Digilib, was officially announced.

At the beginning the Honorary President of American University of Armenia Harutyun Armenyan presented the history of the Library since 1999.

The new website and its structure were presented by the founder and the academic director of Digilib Merujan Karapetyan, who also mentioned a number of important innovations and upgrades in their work since 1999. While presenting the project he mentioned that the Library now contains approximately 2000 works of more than 650 authors.

The Library is already enriched by the armenological works of 150 authors, among whom Ghukas Inchichyan, Ghevond Alishan, Nerses Akinyan, Ghevond Tayan, Garegin Hovsepyan, etc.


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