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Dispatches from Armenia - Nighttime in a Small Corner of Yerevan.

11 pm – The sounds of a very loud movie, which appears to be playing right outside my window. Although I can’t understand a word, I decide that it must be an enormous screening of the “Color of the Pomegranate” since the Sergei Parajanov museum is right next to my apartment. I really need to watch that movie, soon … 12:30 am – The move is over and has been replaced by very loud Armenian dance music. I wish that I was back in Karabagh skipping across the floor with my YPT friends. 2 am? – I can hear only the constant crying – no shrieking, definitely shrieking - of a small child. Sometime between 3 and 5 am – I am suddenly awakened by complete silence. How is this possible? 6 am – Someone’s car alarm. This is the norm. 7 am – Howling cats. I love this city.

– Erin

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