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Doctors Sharpen Their Skills

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Professional development for healthcare practitioners is one of the cornerstones of our Health Program. This summer, FAR relaunched a series of trainings on non-communicable diseases, also known as NCD, for 21 physicians from Armenia’s Lori Province. The five-day program replicated the 2020 online training series on NCD, which brought together more than 250 healthcare providers from all regions of Armenia. It was also held in Sisian Province last year.

The accredited course touches on the assessment and management of NCD, including communication and consultation methods, and incorporates the World Health Organization’s global strategy on how to prevent these diseases and calculate risk factors. The course, which is part of the CME program, will soon be replicated in Ijevan and Yeghegnadzor regions of Armenia. “Considering the fact that modern-day medicine is based on the protocols of standard clinical guidelines, healthcare providers should be in the loop on the developments, however the guidelines are usually in English and many rural doctors, unfortunately, cannot read English,” said Cardiologist Dr. Laura Sahakyan and program trainer. “We help them to overcome language barriers and target information when dealing with prevention and treatment methods.” FAR’s Health Program prioritizes professional development opportunities for rural doctors. Medicine progresses rapidly and it’s important that practitioners know the latest about the innovative approaches.

CME provides professional development opportunities to rural doctors in Armenia. The Armenian-American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO) has made it possible for doctors in Artsakh to also partake in CME.


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