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Doctors Trained in Early Diagnosis of Spinal Disorders

FAR is proud to be helping patients across Armenia to receive better healthcare. Twice last summer, FAR organized various events to discuss the subject of early diagnosis of spinal disorder. These events, held at the Gyumri Mother and Child Austrian Clinic and the Gyumri Maternity Hospital, included seminars as well as a weeklong training program for doctors. In conjunction with the training sessions, traumatologists and orthopedists organized check-ups for local children and teenagers. The Program was initiated and organized by the Armenian Health Ministry of Traumatology and Orthopedy Scientific Center and Fund for Armenian Relief.

More than 40 physicians participated in the program, and 18 X-Ray Diagnosis specialists participated in the 7-day training. On November 3, in the Shirak region, the 18 X-Ray specialists were awarded with official certificates approved by the Armenian Health Minister. As a result of the success of the program in Shirak, the Health Department of the Lori Region is also considering implementing the program.


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