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Dreaming big in Vanadzor, empowered by engineering education

Hayk dreams of creating better, stronger, and more stable architectural designs and residential buildings. That's what brought him to the Vanadzor Engineering Education Center. Here, he's studying SolidWorks, along with computer programming, electrical, and mechanical engineering.

“SolidWorks is amazing for architectural design," says 16-year-old Hayk Grigoryan enthusiastically. "It's helping me understand drawings better and gain the knowledge I need. It's kind of like AutoCAD, which I'm also learning."

Hayk's first project will be in Vanadzor itself, benefiting the local community. But he's thinking bigger, with plans for projects in business and infrastructure development, all centered in Vanadzor, which according to him, needs to be developed. 

"Math and science can be tough, but I know they're important," says Hayk. "I'm working hard to master these subjects. Plus, the supportive environment and creative projects here keep me motivated for my future architectural endeavors."

The Vanadzor Engineering Education Center , made possible thanks to the financial support of FAR benefactors Ara and Valerie Cherchian and the Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) in 2022, offers free 2-year programming, mechanical, and electrical engineering courses for young people aged 14-16. Currently, 31 students from Vanadzor and nearby communities of Lori province are enrolled, including 15 females.

To give the gift of opportunity to young Armenians, like Hayk Grigoryan, and make a difference in their lives, consider supporting to FAR today.


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