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Easter celebrations at Aragatsotn's daycare centers

Colorful handmade decorations, Easter baskets, and a vibrant festive atmosphere conveyed the spirit of Easter at the daycare centers in the Kosh and Byurakan communities of the Aragatsotn province.

"We collaborated with the children to decorate everything, painting the baskets and filling them with hard-boiled eggs," said Armine Gharibyan, the director of the Kosh community daycare. "Easter holds great significance and meaning at Kosh, and the children eagerly participate in the festive concert and performance."

The Kosh daycare, which has been receiving support from our Combatting Malnutrition project since 2021, currently caters to over 115 children.

"Previously, we had around 80 children attending the daycare. However, since 2021, we have introduced new menus and incorporated dishes into our daily routine that the children truly enjoy, such as harisa, tolma, and salads with carrots and apples," she explained.

Syuzanna Knyazyan, the mother of Lyusi, 4, and Elina, 3, proudly shared that her daughters have been introduced to dishes like spas, bean soup, and harisa thanks to the daycare. "Lyusi used to eat plain bread, nothing else. But now, she asks me to cook the same dishes from her daycare at our home," said Lyusi.

Naira Kirakosyan expressed relief, mentioning that she no longer worries about her five-year-old son, Aleks, coming home hungry, which used to be a concern in the past. "When I pick him up from daycare, I am no longer anxious because I am confident that he has had a nutritious lunch there."

The Child Health and Nutrition project in Aragatsotn province kindergartens has been sponsored by the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Foundation, a dedicated long-term partner of the Fund for Armenian Relief.


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