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Empowering children amidst Artsakh's hardships

Amidst the enduring hardships faced by 30,000 children in Artsakh due to a prolonged siege, there is a glimmer of hope as some kids separated from their parents find solace at the "Aragats" camp in Armenia. Among them is Nare Shamiryan, a 12-year-old displaced from Martakert, Artsakh, who, along with 200 FAR-supported children from various regions of Armenia, embarked on a journey of healing and growth at the camp held between 19th June to July 21.

Nare's family fled to Sisian during the 2020 Artsakh war, and she developed postwar trauma, feeling stressed whenever she heard loud voices. Her anxiety intensified when her father, a contracted officer in Artsakh, visited home, but she hasn't seen him since December 2022, as the main road connecting Armenia and Artsakh remains blocked by the Azeris.

"This is my first time being on my own, and I was uncertain about whether to attend the camp or not. I had a heartfelt conversation with my father and he encouraged me to go and make the most of the camp," shared Nare frankly adding that the camp helped her relieve most of her stress and anxiety, and distracted her from missing her father. "In the camp, you learn to do everything by yourself: it’s not just about play but about learning valuable life skills, fostering independence, and building self-confidence," she said.

The “Aragats” Summer Camp, which has been sponsored for many years by the SJS Foundation (USA), offers a transformative experience for children affected by the 2020 Artsakh 44-day-war, Syrian-Armenian children, CASP beneficiaries, and those from underprivileged families, helping them develop daily discipline, participate in physical, intellectual, and environmental activities, forge friendships, and create unforgettable memories.

Join us in supporting these children by donating to FAR today. Your contribution can make a meaningful difference in their lives.


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