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Empowering young agripreneurs to unleash their potential

From an early age, Vardges Mkrtchyan, 15, harbored a deep passion and clear aspiration to become a veterinarian. His affection for agriculture, farming, and animals was solidified during his time at the extra-curricular group on agricultural management, where he cultivated a profound love for agro-management and animal care in particular.

The extra-curricular group, which was made possible by FAR’s Support for Artsakh’s Displaced Project in 2021, aims to ignite interest in sustainable farming practices amongst youth, while also showing them a potential path toward income-generation and self-sustainability.  

“While the desire to work with animals burned within me since childhood, it was during the extra-curricular group lessons that I discovered my specific passion for animal care and husbandry. I developed a deep love for all things related to animals, finding joy in caring for them, nurturing them, and ensuring their well-being,” he explained noting that the realization of his passion blossomed during visits to greenhouses, orchards, and farms, where he connected with farmers across the Sisian region.

“Such visits underscore the pivotal role of nurturing interest among local youth, particularly in fields such as agriculture and environmental conservation,” proudly stated Armine Shoghunts, a professor at the Sisian branch of the National Agrarian University and the group instructor. She added that currently, 50 high-school students are enrolled in the extracurricular group, with the majority aspiring to further their studies in agriculture, animal husbandry, or care.

Vardges is currently enrolled in the College of the National Agrarian University in Sisian. However, his ultimate goal is to obtain a Bachelor's degree, pursue his dream of becoming a veterinarian, and establish a sanctuary in his homeland of Sisian, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide care for animals in need.

To empower young minds and foster their growth and self-sustainability, please consider donating to FAR today.

The Support for Artsakh's Displaced project, launched in 2021, aims to aid the resettlement of the most vulnerable individuals affected by the Artsakh war. Its comprehensive approach includes providing shelter and housing solutions, emergency relief and cash assistance, education, economic empowerment, and healthcare services. The project has also targeted disadvantaged individuals residing in the Sisian Region of Armenia's Syunik Province.


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