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Establishing new roots in Armenia: An Artsaktsi doctor’s incredible journey

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

After perfecting her professional skills in Diagnostic Ultrasound through the FAR's Continuing Medical Education (CME) program, Dr. Anahit Maghakean, 43, once the sole fertility doctor and gynecology specialist in Artsakh, has recently found a new calling at the Fertility Center in Yerevan.

With Anahit's unwavering dedication and expert skills, she's played a pivotal role in bringing over 3,000 bundles of joy into the world, gifting countless Artsakhtsi women the precious experience of motherhood. But Anahit's journey took an unexpected turn when she had to leave Artsakh for a medical check-up in Yerevan, only to find herself unable to return due to a blockade. As the days turned into months, her family and numerous patients eagerly awaited her return.

While in Yerevan, she would often feel guilty and deeply concerned for her family and the patients she cared for, wondering what the future held. Then, September 19 happened…

"Overnight, I transformed from a healthcare provider who felt secure, busy, and confident both socially and professionally into someone who had lost everything: my life, my home, my workplace, and my Artsakh," she confided, her voice quivering, tears glistening in her eyes. "Memories haunt me from time to time... I miss my workplace in Stepanakert, even the days of the blockade and that 40-minute walk along Azatamartikner street to the hospital in the mornings when transportation was scarce. Through CME, I found solace in temporarily escaping those memories. Now, it's through this work that I find happiness and appreciation. I get to do what I love, providing medical assistance to infertile couples using reproductive support technologies."

Through our unwavering long-term commitment, we'll not just be delivering CME trainings to Artsaktsi healthcare providers, like Dr. Anahit, but we’ll also try to light the path to employment in their chosen fields.

Join us in supporting our fellow compatriots to remain in their homeland, secure employment, and serve Armenia with steadfast confidence!

Your generous donation to FAR today can make a lasting impact!

The CME program for Artsakh doctors was initially introduced in 2011 within Artsakh, and it has now been extended to include healthcare providers who were displaced from Artsakh, with the generous support of Armenian American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO).


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