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Experience-based education flourishes in Tavush province

The lit up faces and exclamations of "wow" echo the delight and wonder of schoolchildren and students of Ijevan and Noyemberyan communities of Tavush province. Their enthusiasm is ignited by the transformation of their chemistry, physics, and technology labs—a dream turned reality, all thanks to the FAR's Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Tavush region program.

Tsovinar Petrosyan, the technology teacher at Berdavan Secondary School of Noyemberyan region, is optimistic that this newfound fascination will ignite a thirst for deeper comprehension and hands-on experiments among the students—something they never had the chance to experience before. "This achievement has been a long time coming," she proudly says. "Now, we can delve into a world of possibilities in our sewing classes. The new machines allow us to explore various sewing techniques, unlocking a chance of creativity for our students. We can even venture into embroidery with these cutting-edge tools."

For approximately 500 college and school students at Ijevan and Noyemberyan communities, meaningful and enduring educational experiences are now a reality. They find themselves in revitalized, conducive environments that enhance their learning experiences in physics and chemistry.

"Laboratories and state-of-the-art technology classrooms will significantly contribute to the intellectual growth and capabilities of our students. They can now reinforce theoretical knowledge with practical experiments and undertake diverse project works," stated Eduard Karapetyan, FAR Education and Science Programs Director during the inauguration ceremony of the labs and technology classrooms held just last month.

Since the launch of the Breaking the Cycle of Poverty program in 2013, 14 schools in Berd, Ijevan, and Noyemberyan regions of Tavush province have undergone extensive renovations, with upgrades specifically tailored for physics and chemistry classrooms. Furthermore, technology classrooms in 12 schools have been outfitted with new laboratory devices and accessories, ensuring a holistic and modernized learning environment.

To empower more students in border communities and make their learning experiences even more impactful and enduring, consider making a donation to FAR today. 


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