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Families still struggle after Artsakh's war. You can help them.

Aram Gaptrafikov and his family are passing another hard winter in their new home in Armenia’s Sisian Region. However with the recent distribution of their most basic necessities through its Support for Artsakh’s Displaced project, FAR has helped the family to better cope with the resonating impacts of the Artsakh War of 2020.

Aram, 47, his wife, Ani, and their children, baby Lilit, Eva, and Albert, live in a poorly insulated, two-room apartment where they use plastic to cover windows to protect them from wind, snow, and freezing temperatures. The family fled to Sisian after their home in Artsakh was destroyed.

Aram, who is originally from Jermuk, Armenia, used to serve in the army in Ural, Russia before he moved to Artsakh and fell in love with the place. “I was around 26 when I decided to move to Artsakh,” he said. Aram and Ani then made their living through animal husbandry, selling their dairy products.

“We had to flee under heavy shelling by the Azerbaijani army. I took our children and left the house. When they bombed the farm, the village priest took us to Sisian,” said Ani.

To help the Gaptrafikovs mitigate issues and better cope as they rebuild their lives, FAR has provided them with the essentials, including bedding, warm blankets, furniture, kitchen appliances and kitchenware, winter clothing, as well as school supplies for Eva and Albert who now attend the local school in Sisian.

FAR will continue to help this family and search for a long-term housing solution through this project which has helped more than 100 families with long-term housing solutions and emergency humanitarian assistance.


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