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FAR Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Friends,

This week, we all have the opportunity to enjoy a very special day. Before we begin the race toward the end of the year in a holiday hustle, tomorrow offers us the chance to take a breath, a pause, a moment, to appreciate our lives and all that we have. Thanksgiving is one of the few times throughout the year that gives us the opportunity to do so.

So, to you, our supporters, we would like to offer a huge thank you.

For all of your generosity and the multiple ways in which we at FAR have received it throughout this year, we are truly grateful. You continue to make it possible for us to continue our mission of empowering the people of Armenia and Artsakh. Each year we make new strides and greater, more crucial difference. And this is all because of you.

We wish you a beautiful holiday. Happy Thanksgiving.

Warmly, Garnik Nanagoulian FAR Executive Director & All of Us at FAR


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