FAR Recognized for Its Development Efforts in Gyumri

Recently, FAR was acknowledged as one of the first organizations to support the development of the Armenian city of Gyumri. On February 11, a ceremony was held in Gyumri honoring Vardanats war heroes. The main battle of the so-called “War of the Vardanank” was fought under the leadership of Vartan Mamikonian as Commander-in-Chief in the year 451. Though the war ended with a Persian victory, it became a symbol of the preservation of the religious freedom and identity of the Armenian people. In memory of those who gave their lives during this war, Gyumri renamed its main square after the Vardanants heroes.

Part of this month’s commemorative ceremony was the presentation of a well-researched book titled Gyumri. The city’s mayor, Mr. Ghukasyan, personally presented a copy of the book to the FAR headquarters as a token of gratitude to the Fund for Armenian Relief’s efforts in Gyumri.

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