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FAR's 2023 challenges and achievements: Setting the stage for 2024!

2024 is here and so are we. As we reflect on the challenges and achievements of 2023, two shining beacons stand out. The first is the resilience of the people of Artsakh in the face of the enormous tragedy that happened to them and their pledge to their families and children to rebuild their lives. The second one is the commitment of our FAR friends and supporters. 

Empowered by your support and in the face of adversity, FAR played an indispensable role in implementing emergency response projects across various sectors. The forced exodus of over 100,000 Artsakhsti brothers and sisters in September of 2023, became a call to action, prompting us to launch an emergency response that served as a lifeline for those left in the abyss. To meet these challenges, we have stretched all our resources to their limits – human, financial, emotional, mental--and yet, FAR proved again, that we can rise to the occasion and find inner strength in the face of the most difficult challenges. 

Since day one, FAR has directly assisted 4300 individuals, but the ripple effect of our emergency intervention extends to the entire displaced population of 14,000 persons resettled in Syunik, Tavush, Lori, and Ararat provinces of Armenia. Our multifaceted projects have touched the lives of Artskatsi people, offering vital support in first-aid response, education, livelihood, healthcare, shelter, and protection. 

In 2023, our dedication to empowering Armenians continued with a focus on education, community, and economic development. Life-saving initiatives brought quality healthcare to those in need, providing a safe haven for children and seniors. 

Significant strides were made in supporting children and people with disabilities through institutional empowerment. We consistently fortified field experts and specialists, creating an enabling environment for PWDs’ ongoing education and self-resilience. 

FAR’s comprehensive approach and long-term commitment to those in need has yielded remarkable outcomes—thousands of children learning, playing, and thriving; school graduates pursuing academic education; scholars and scientists conducting research in Armenia; and individuals finding self-resilience while expanding their farming and entrepreneurship efforts. 

In this volatile times you stood by FAR, enabling us not only to continue to service people in need but to expand our services and even start new initiatives within our mission’s five areas of concern – in child protection, healthcare, education, community and economic development, and social services. 

Beyond the statistics lies the heart of our mission—the people and communities we serve. As we step into 2024, FAR is unwavering in its commitment to ensuring the people of Armenia have access to a better life, forging a brighter future in our Homeland. 

To turn this vision into reality, we ask you to join us in making a difference in people’s lives by donating to FAR today. Your support will be a catalyst for positive change and a brighter tomorrow for the people of Armenia. 

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