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FAR's SBA program spurs innovation

In the border town of Sisian, located in the Syunik Province, a driven geography professor, Razmik Nikolyan, 29, recognized a crucial gap in the local services - a lack of a reliable key duplication business. Motivated to address this pressing need, Razmik, alongside his brother Gagik, embarked on a journey to establish a trustworthy and efficient key duplication service.

With the valuable support of FAR's Small Business Assistance Program, they acquired the necessary tools and equipment to launch their venture.

"For years, the residents of Sisian had to send their keys to other cities, such as Goris (42km) or Yerevan (207km) for duplication. This process not only consumed valuable time but also posed security risks. Recognizing these challenges, we decided to provide a solution by offering a quick and secure key duplication service right here in our hometown. Our aim was to make key duplication more accessible and efficient for our fellow community members," explained Razmik, who is also an associate professor at the Sisian branch of the Armenian National Agrarian University.

Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, including cutting machines and other essential instruments, Razmik and Gagik ensure that keys are duplicated with utmost precision and returned to the client within an impressive timeframe of 20-30 minutes. By leveraging modern technology and techniques, they have managed to reduce the waiting time to a mere three minutes per key duplication, guaranteeing high-quality results. “We serve an average of 3-4 clients per day and try to enhance our reputation through the service quality,” Razmik frankly noted.

The Small Business Assistance (SBA) program, financed and initiated by the Atesian Family Foundation, is a dynamic initiative dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners. SBA equips individuals with the necessary tools to launch and expand their entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities, particularly among conflict-affected, displaced, and rural populations in Armenia.

Consider making a donation to FAR today and support entrepreneurs like the Nikolyan brothers to launch or expand businesses in Armenia.


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