FAR Supports Growing Shirak Diocese

Last month, the Shirak diocese celebrated the 10th anniversary of the leadership of Primate Bishop Mikael Ajapahyan, a highly educated theologian and a spiritual leader of his community. In 1999, Vardapet Mikael Ajapahyan was appointed as a primate, and later consecrated as bishop. During his 10 years of leadership, the Shirak Diocese has grown to become an integral part of the community, present in almost every aspect of life.

When Bishop Ajapahyan arrived in 1999, the Shirak Diocese consisted of only 4 priests and 4 churches. Today, the diocese oversees 16 priests and more than 25 acting churches. The Diocese oversees administrative offices, Social-Educational Centers, a Youth Center, a seminary, an orphanage, a summer camp, and Sunday schools. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Primate Bishop Mikael Ajapahyan, FAR was happy to be one of the main sponsors of a calendar commemorating the event. We hope the Shirak Diocese will continue to grow and strengthen as it has over the past decade.

Primate Bishop Mikael Ajapahyan with Celebration Attendees

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