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Former FAR Beneficiary Volunteers to Help Beautify Parakar School

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

FAR project managers often encourage our beneficiaries to give back when they can as it is a great way for them to honor the support they receive. For Aleksander Nefedor, a former Gulamerian Vocational Training and Education Program participant, this summer is his moment to help out.

Together with his wife, Ani, he spent a week painting the backyard stone fence of the Parakar School for Children with Disabilities. An artist in his own right, Aleksander designed colorful and meaningful images that depict the new specialties and vocational skills that will be taught to students once the newly revamped facility opens this fall.

“This part of the school was a deserted, empty and depressing place. The kids would not walk or play here. We sanded down and smoothed the surface of the walls and finished it up with the murals,” Aleksander said with a smile. He hopes that the backyard will now become a treasured place for the students to spend their time. “FAR has been helping me for the last 10 years. It’s an honor for me to volunteer for FAR’s programs.”

Since last year, FAR has worked on renovating the Parakar School and helping its staff to build their capacity as part of our School Rehabilitation initiative. We aim to provide a safe learning environment and vocational skills training for adolescents and youth with mental and physical disabilities.


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