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Farewell Event

Last week marked the conclusion of the second stage of Project Smile in Armenia. As part of Project Smile, visiting health specialists from across the globe came together to help the Armenian community fight cleft lip and cleft palate disorders. At FAR, we like to say that the new smiles will spread a little more kindness throughout the world!

A few weeks ago, those involved in the project’s implementation were invited to a farewell celebration at Arma restaurant in Yerevan. The initiator and cofounder of the “Smile” Project in Armenia, Madeleine Minasyan – Ispiryan, expressed special thanks to the Fund for Armenian Relief for its dedicated work and successful implementation of the mission.

Smile Network International Medical Team Leader Rajbir Sarpal and Mission Coordinator in Armenia Carolyn Walsko awarded Thank You Certificates “For outstanding and generous contribution to Smile Network International” to FAR’s Margarit Piliposyan and Levon Lachikyan.


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